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The Costas of Southern Spain are world famous for their benign climate all of them on the azure Mediterranean sea with a variety of beaches ranging from craggy rock faces with secluded coves to extensive white sandy beaches and dunes.  We will help you select the coast that you would like to visit
Each has its own delights and its own personality, its own cuisine and its own culture discover your favourite by browsing the links on this site.


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Travelling by AVE from Madrid-Valencia or viceversa will cost 79.8 euros in tourist class and 143.7 euros in business class according to a statement released by Renfe this morning.
30 trains will service the route, 15 in each direction out of which 11 will be direct. The trip will take 1 hour and 35 minutes.
Renfe also announced a promotional Christmas campaign. 50,000 places will be guaranteed at minimum price for the trajectory. Tickets have been put on sale and are available via the Renfe website.


  Grass pollen levels are expected to be four times the level of 20057777

The concentration of grass pollens is forecast to reach a level in parts of Spain of 5,100 grams per cubic metre of air, four times the level seen in 2005, and 1000 more than last year.

Highest concentrations of pollen are expected to be registered in Extremadura, Andalucía, and the centre of the country. Levels are exceptionally high because of the abundant rainfall during the winter.

Over recent years the number of people attending the emergency ward because of allergies has tripled, and the sale of anti-histamine drugs has multiplied by five. it is estimated that 20% of the population has now developed an allergy to pollen.



The Department for Work and Pensions has extended its successful benefit cheats hotline to the Costa del Sol and Canary Islands following its launch in Alicante in September 2008.

Residents in these popular ex-pat areas can report suspected British benefit thieves to a local number and their concerns will be passed on by the operator of the hotline to a team of investigators in the UK.

Employment and Welfare Reform Minister Tony McNulty said:
"We are absolutely determined to stop benefit thieves stealing from the British taxpayer. Our commitment extends beyond the borders of the UK. Even in sunny Spain, we're closing in on benefit fraud."

A publicity campaign, 'We're closing in', in the local ex-pat media is raising awareness of the hotline as well as a dedicated web site where suspected British benefit thieves living abroad can be reported on-line.

The total cost of benefit fraud committed by UK benefit recipients living in or travelling to countries abroad is an estimated £63 million a year. It involves a range of scams such as people on means-tested benefits going abroad but failing to declare their absence, and individuals working while claiming sickness benefits.

This initiative is part of a growing relationship between Spain and the UK on social security issues that already includes agreements to data-match and share death notifications.

The Spanish benefit fraud hotline number is 900 554 440. It is free and confidential and operates from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. The hotline is run and funded by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), working with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

The dedicated web site address is and provides more detail on what constitutes benefit fraud along with an on line reporting form.